April is Alcohol Awareness Month

Addiction is a Disease

 Treatment is Available

 Recovery Brings Joy


Alcohol abuse and alcoholism can affect all aspects of a person’s life. Long-term alcohol use can cause serious health complications, can damage emotional stability, finances, career, and impact one’s ‘ohana and community.

Alcoholism has little to do with what kind of alcohol one drinks, how long one has been drinking, or even exactly how much alcohol one consumes. But it has a great deal to do with a person’s uncontrollable need for alcohol.

Most people with Alcohol Use Disorder can’t just “use a little willpower” to stop drinking. The user is frequently in the grip of a powerful craving for alcohol, a need that can feel as strong as the need for food or water. While some people are able to recover without help, the majority of those with Alcohol Use Disorder need outside assistance to recover from their disease. Yet, with support and treatment, many are able to stop drinking and reclaim their lives.

Get Help – An Important First Step

If you are concerned about your own alcohol abuse or that of someone you care about – a child, relative, friend or co-worker – please contact Hamakua-Kohala Health. Confronting alcohol and drug problems is difficult, but can be an important first step toward recovery and the chance for a healthier and more productive life.

Let us Support Your Recovery 

Candace Kauahi, CSAC, CADC

Hamakua-Kohala Health has a Certified Substance Abuse Counselor on staff, Candace Kauahi, who can assist those needing help with Alcohol Use Disorders through evidence-based education, resources and individual and group sessions, which can be a very supportive environment during the healing process.

Today is a new day! Through research into the disease of Alcohol and Drug Use Disorders there are new approaches with medicine and treatment. Client-Centered Treatment is healing the whole individual, physically, emotionally and spiritually by integrating primary care and behavioral health.

Hamakua-Kohala Health is here to help give guidance during difficult times!

Did you know?

Excessive alcohol use is responsible for an average of about 30 years of potential life lost for each death!

Talk with your ‘ohana and give Candace a call.



We provide comprehensive primary and preventative healthcare regardless of ability to pay or health insurance status. Call our Care Coordinators today if you need any of these services:

Preventative Exams, Sports Physicals, Preschool Tuberculosis Testing and Health Screen, Immunizations: including Human Papillomavirus Virus (HPV) vaccine (for preteen girls AND boys, to reduce later cancer risks), Behavioral Health Counseling, Breast and Cervical Cancer Control Program (BCCCP), Care Coordination through patient and family education, Chronic Disease Management, Diabetes and Hypertension Control Counseling, Family Planning, Pediatrics, Prescription Drug Discount program, Sliding Fee Scale for healthcare and prescription medicines, Substance Use Disorder Counseling, Smoking Cessation Program, Ultrasound Services and more.


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