May is Women’s Health Awareness Month

May 15 is National Women’s Check-Up Day!

Here’s an idea:

Today, commit to taking ONE step for an even healthier you! Whether you’re in your 20s or your 90s, Hamakua-Kohala Health has got you covered.

It’s easy to say you’re going to eat healthy, quit smoking, or start exercising, but we all know it’s much harder to actually do it!


Get the conversation started at your next well-woman visit

A well-woman visit is a yearly preventive checkup with your healthcare provider. It’s a time to check-in on how you’re doing, how you’d like to be doing, and what changes you can make to reach your health goals.

Call Hamakua-Kohala Health for an appointment today to talk with your health care provider about what steps you can take for better health.


Prevent Type 2 Diabetes Class Beginning Soon

One way you can take a step for a healthier you is to check out our next Prevent Type 2 Diabetes Class.

“Be mindful of what you’re eating and why you’re eating. Are you hungry or just thirsty? Try drinking plain water first before dipping into the candy jar!” teaches Care Coordinator Jen Valera, “Don’t forget to get plenty of sleep, reach and maintain a healthy weight and get at least 150 minutes of physical activity a week (if mobile).”

One family of four adults in Jen’s class lost a combined weight of 61 pounds! One woman’s goal was to lose 7% of her total body weight and she lost 10%, that’s 20 pounds! Together they made a commitment to change their lifestyle and support each other every day. They made a plan and stuck to it. You can do it too!

Women’s Health Services Include:

  • FREE and CONFIDENTIAL Family Planning Counseling and Exams for Adults and Teens
  • FREE Birth Control and FREE Emergency Contraception
  • Pregnancy Counseling and Testing
  • Annual Well-Women Physicals, including PAP Tests and Breast Screening
  • STD and HIV Testing, Counseling and Treatment
  • Health Education including information on Asthma and Diabetes, including Diet Counseling. A new Prevent Type 2 Diabetes Class starting soon! Give Jen a call to enroll.
  • Vaccines and Medication Management and Counseling
  • Behavioral Health Services
  • May 31st is World No Tobacco Day – Call our Tobacco Cessation and e-Smoking Device counselor Kathryn Akioka today at 937-9979. In one year, you’ll wish you quit today!
  • Substance Use Disorder Cessation – Individual and Group Counseling Sessions available in a supportive and caring environment.

MOST HEALTH INSURANCE PLANS COVER LIFESAVING PREVENTATIVE TESTS. USE THE HEALTH BENEFITS YOU ARE ALREADY PAYING FOR TO GET SCREENED! As a community-based health center, Hamakua-Kohala Health provides comprehensive primary and preventative healthcare to everyone, regardless of your ability to pay, even if you have no insurance.

Visit our website at to learn more about our team’s services. Like us on Facebook. Thank you for joining with us to accomplish great things!

Call today to set up your Well-Woman Exam at either clinic:

Honoka’a: 45-549 Plumeria St – 775-7204

Kapa’au: 53-3925 Akoni Pule Hwy – 889-6236