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Now Offering New Prenatal Care Program

Expanding Women’s Services

Prenatal Care Program


Hamakua-Kohala Health has been here to help our community live good, long lives for over 50 years, and wants to make sure future generations are healthy and happy too; so we are always working hard to increase the availability of quality health care in Hamakua and Kohala.

Important Prenatal Care

Those who receive early prenatal care are more likely to have healthier babies and fewer complications during labor and recovery. During prenatal care women receive specialized health care services including; health screening, risk assessment, education to prevent or treat pregnancy complications, and referrals for additional services.

Pregnant women and their babies are the foundation upon which our community is built and you and your baby deserve the best care from the earliest date possible!

In addition to Family Planning Nurse Practioner Catherine Marquette, who many of you know for her over 20 years of service, Hamakua-Kohala Health has recently brought in four female Family Practice health care providers to care for women and their entire families:

  • Idalee Posa, MD; As a Family doctor, Dr. Posa sees patients of all ages, including children, treats acute and chronic illnesses and provides preventive care and health education. “Health screening is important to prevent diseases and diagnose an illness earlier for better outcome. Preventative medicine is the best medicine,” she believes. Dr. Posa was born and went to medical school in the Philippines and trained in Pennsylvania, and recently moved to the Big Island. “I like that family practice allows me to see a variety of patients.”
  • Amy Peele, Family Nurse Practitioner; Amy provides general primary health care for all life stages. Amy knew she wanted to help people and health care is her passion while “Volunteering in the mother-baby unit of a hospital and seeing a little human being take its very first breath was extremely moving for me. … I knew that a profession fostering life and health and well-being was one that I could take pride in being a part of.” Amy’s experience includes working in the Intensive Care Unit at the Mayo Clinic in Florida and at a health center on Oahu. She welcomes new patients into her care, both children and adults.
  • Karen Stephenson, Family Nurse Practitioner; Karen also provides primary health care to people of all ages, and she just had her first baby! Please join us in congratulating her when she returns from maternity leave.
  • Annette Manant, PhD, APRN; Advanced Practice Registered Nurse, Certified Nurse Midwife, Specializing in Women’s Health Care. Annette has been caring for women for over 30 years and has helped deliver thousands of babies. “I am all about listening to women and helping them to achieve their personal health goals,” says Annette. “My training and my focus is all about that and I look forward to serving you.”

Annette smiles as she remembers, “My first job as a registered nurse was in an Emergency Department. When laboring women came in, I noticed that I couldn’t wait to go into the room and help them, while the rest of the emergency department staff would run the other way!”

As Nurse Practitioner, a Certified Midwife, and with a PhD from UH at Manoa specializing in Maternal Newborn Care, Annette gladly shared her knowledge as a teacher too, and guided hundreds of students from learning basic clinical skills through prenatal care and birthing.

Now Offering Ultrasound Services

Hamakua-Kohala Health purchased a new ultrasound machine to improve the health of families and the entire community. Ultrasound tests are used for determining pregnancy dating and fetal well-being.

“My desire is to help women increase their knowledge regarding reproductive health services and options available.” Annette goes on to say, “Teens and other hard-to-reach populations, including our older population of women, are of particular concern to me. Information they learn will lessen disease, and can reduce risky behaviors and unintended pregnancies.”

Healthy Relationships

Family Planning Educator Deb Toledo-Ebreo reaches out to the community and school groups to talk about Family Planning and the reality of parenthood. “Are you ready to become parents?” She asks, “Are you really parent material? Can you afford it? Let’s do the math.” She goes on to explain what a healthy relationship is like and asks, “How well do you know your partner?” And always stresses, “Just because you love each other doesn’t mean you have to have sex.”

Annette agrees, “Learned information will hopefully reduce risky behaviors which can result in disease and unintended pregnancies. The expected outcome is that women will be better able to plan their pregnancies, and the number of, and spacing of their children.”

Pre- and Post-Natal Behavioral Health Services Always Available 

Client-Centered Treatment is healing the whole individual; physically, emotionally and spiritually by integrating primary health care and behavioral health. Topics often include: postpartum depression, parenting skills and relationship support, marital and family communication problems, significant life changes or disruptions, physical health maintenance, and tobacco and e-cig/vaping and substance use disorder cessation counseling programs.

Get the Conversation Started at Your Next Well-Woman Visit

A well-woman visit is a preventive checkup for women of all ages with your doctor or nurse practioner. It’s a time to check in on how you’re doing, how you’d like to be doing, what changes you can make to reach your health goals, and can be the key to prevention and early detection of cancer.

Women’s Health Services Include:

  • FREE and CONFIDENTIAL Family Planning Testing and Counseling and Exams for Adults and Teens
  • Well-Women Physicals include a breast exam, pelvic exam and a PAP test
  • Low Cost or FREE Birth Control and FREE Emergency Contraception
  • STD and HIV Testing, Counseling and Treatment
  • Breast and Cervical Cancer Control Program (BCCCP) – Free cervical cancer screening, PAP test, and breast cancer screening and mammogram
  • Behavioral Health Services

Always Accepting New Patients

Many of our friends and neighbors face barriers to health care. So, as a community-based health center, Hamakua-Kohala Health provides comprehensive primary and preventative health care to everyone, regardless of your ability to pay, even if you have no insurance. We also take Quest children’s insurance and provide pediatric care. Bring your whole family, we provide services for all life stages.

Because we always accept new patients and are continually hiring new doctors, nurses and support staff, we have outgrown the space at our clinics. Hamakua-Kohala Health needs funds to rebuild them, as well as cover the increasing costs of daily operations.

Accepting Donations Now

We need your financial support to help our kupuna, keiki and young families find vital primary and preventative health care. We accept donations online, please click “Ways to Give,” or please mail your check to the Honoka’a address below. If you have any questions, please call CEO Irene Carpenter directly at 930-2745. Thank you for joining with us to accomplish great things!


Call today to set up your Well-Woman Exam at either clinic:

Honoka’a: 45-549 Plumeria St, Honoka’a, HI 96727 – 775-7204

Kapa’au: 53-3925 Akoni Pule Hwy – 889-6236

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