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Dena Soares

Customer Service Specialist Dena Soares has been with HKH for 9 ½ years. Before joining our team, she was an employee of Dr. Sonnenschein’s private practice, the Kohala Family Health Center. Dena holds a multi-functional position, checking patients in and out, registering new patients, helping patients with our sliding fee and Quest application, answering phones, scheduling appointments, verifying eligibility and any other tasks that come her way in the front office.  Regina says, “She is like a ‘mother’ to all of us at the Kohala clinic. She’s always providing food for staff to eat during our work day.”

During her evenings and Sundays; she spends her time in fellowship with church members, enjoys fishing, cooking, going to the movies, and spending time with her grandkids and family. She goes beyond her duty to help anyone who needs a helping hand. Dena always says, “Working as a team makes your day go by smoother and the best tool for a great team is communication.” When Regina thanks her for completing a task, she replies, “It’s teamwork. If not for the help of others, I wouldn’t be able to complete it myself.”

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