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Located in the Carter Professional Center
65-1230 Mamalahoa Hwy. C13-14, Waimea, Hawaii 96743

Phone: 808-731-8641 x 402
Fax: 808-209 8210

MOST HEALTH INSURANCE PLANS COVER LIFESAVING PREVENTATIVE TESTS. USE THE HEALTH BENEFITS YOU ARE ALREADY PAYING FOR TO GET SCREENED! As a community-based health center, HKH provides comprehensive primary and preventative healthcare to persons of all ages, regardless of their ability to pay or health insurance status.



Meet the Waimea Medical Staff

Pamela McKenna, MD


After completing her residency at Los Angeles County General Hospital – USC Medical Center, Dr. McKenna immediately moved to the North Shore of Oahu where she worked for nine years as the solo pediatrician at Kahuku Hospital. Later, as Chief of Staff, she obtained significant funding for improvements to the hospital’s ER surgical suite and birthing areas.

Dr. McKenna moved to the Big Island in 1990 where she opened a general pediatric practice in Waimea. Assisting in the design and planning for North Hawaii Community Hospital (NHCH) took a lot of her time and energy as well, and over the next years Dr. McKenna spent almost as much time at NHCH as in her clinic, including serving as Chief of Staff and frequent stints as head of Pediatrics.

Later Dr. McKenna moved to Wisconsin to be near her family, where she trained Physician Assistants as a Clinical Professor of Pediatrics for Marquette University Medical School. She was also trained at the largest infectious disease center west of the Rockies and feels communicable disease identification and eradication is an ongoing concern. Dr. McKenna has over 30 years in pediatrics and has worked in a variety of challenging settings in Arizona, California, Hawai’i, North Dakota and Wisconsin.

Dr. McKenna was homesick for Hawai’i and moved back recently. She now treats keiki at the Kohala clinic, where she is well known to many North Hawai’i families. Dr. McKenna has deep interest in identifying and supporting learning differences in children using behavioral, nutritional and academic approaches.

Eric Murray, MD


Originally from Honolulu, Eric Murray, MD, grew up in Montana. After graduating with honors and on the Dean’s List in college, Dr. Murray attended the University of Washington, School of Medicine, with a specialty in internal medicine and a focus on preventative care and chronic disease.

Internists are sometimes called the “doctor’s doctor,” because they often help other doctors solve puzzling diagnostic problems. Hamakua-Kohala Health is lucky to have Dr. Murray join us!

Having come from a rural clinic near Portland, Oregon, Dr. Murray enjoys working in primary care, and is very happy to be seeing patients on the Big Island in both Honoka’a and Kapa’au Clinics.

In addition to medicine, Dr. Murray enjoyed studying health computer systems in school, “I like to spend time not only working with patients but also working with the electronic health records,” said Dr. Murray. “Improving efficiency of the (computer system) can lead to … better patient care.”

While Dr. Murray is modern when it comes to technology, his heart is with his patients and wishes things could be like they were in days gone by, “I like(d) doing home visits to see patients. It’s a great way to learn more about a patient’s health and brings us back to a simpler time in medicine where caring for patients was more important than medicine as a business.”

“I’m sure the community will have words of wisdom for me on how family and connections in a small community are important not only for health but for the well-being of its members,” he said, “And, that Aloha can be as good as a medication for the soul!”

Ilea Bain

PsyD, Psychologist

Ilea Bain is from Colorado and holds a doctorate degree in clinical psychology from Pacific University in Oregon. Dr. Ilea Bain brings her Gestalt therapy perspective and psychodynamic theory to Kohala to serve people of North Hawaii.

She joins Hamakua-Kohala Health as a clinical psychologist to assist area residents with anxiety, personal, intergenerational, relationship issues, loss and depression.

Dr. Bain’s postgraduate training focused on the convergence of Buddhism and Gestalt psychotherapy. Her professional work is influenced by her personal interests including nature, art, yoga, dreams, and energy work. Dr. Bain’s will work closely with HKH’s Certified Substance Abuse counselor Candace Kauahi.

She says, “It is my ultimate desire as a healer to help reunite you with the lost and voiceless parts of yourself, increase your resiliency and sense of empowerment, and bring back your joy and vitality so that together, we can celebrate your unique beauty and essence.”


Candace Kauahi, CSAC

Candace Kauahi, CSAC


Candace is a Certified Substance Abuse Counselor with the State of Hawaii Alcohol and Drug Abuse Division and an Internationally Certified Alcohol & Drug Counselor. She has worked in outreach and education in the field of addiction since 2003 in various Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP) on the Big Island. Candace is interested in providing IOP Substance Abuse Services for adolescents and adults, along with substance abuse education for families dealing with family members that suffer from the Disease of Addiction. “Today we have the opportunity to help individuals get a better understanding of self-care incorporating the Mind, Body and Spirit to wellness,” believes Candace.

Born in Bozeman, Montana, Candace lived at various Navy bases on the West Coast until her father was stationed in Oahu where she went to high school and college. Afterward, she lived in Oklahoma for 13 years and later came home to her father’s family in Kohala to raise her children. Candace is, “Grateful to be of service and working together with others having the same mindset of helping support our mission of wellness in our community.”

Candace chose to work in the field of addiction to help individuals suffering from addiction disorder and often works closely with HKH psychologists to give those that also have co-occurring mental health disorders the best outcome possible. “I enjoy when individuals help themselves and are able to integrate themselves back into their community with their friends and family,” said Candace. It’s important to “find their purpose!”

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