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Medical Billing Associate Beverly Hiraoka has been working with the Hamakua-Kohala Health for 32 years in various capacities; as a cashier, a transcriptionist and most importantly medical billing associate. Beverly has the very important task of bringing in money from insurance companies to help keep the clinics going strong. “I take pride in seeing the positive outcome for the work I do,” Beverly tells us.

As a cashier at The Infirmary, Beverly worked directly with patients and, “Got to know and see the children of our patients grow up and got to meet some of my classmate’s parents. That was nice. When your family gets sick it’s nice that the healthcare providers were right here.”

Beverly remembers when the Hamakua Sugar plantation closed, “It was a little scary because we had to survive on our own financially without the plantation. Then everything seemed to settle down and we were okay after that. I enjoy working with the team at HKH and have grown throughout the years.”

Beverly especially loves singing at Ladies Night Out, both past and present, and helping pamper the women of our community. “I was asked to sing, that’s my passion,” said Beverly. “For several years I did karaoke and then I started singing with my ukulele.”

Beverly’s favorite song is “Grandpa,” by The Judds and is perfect for remembering all the transitions she experienced; from the multiple plantation infirmaries she knew as a child; through The Infirmary; then the Hamakua Health Center; and finally, she watched our medical team grow when the Kohala clinic came aboard and we became Hamakua-Kohala Health. “Grandpa, tell me about the good old days … Grandpa take me back to yesterday … And Grandpa let’s wander back into the past … And paint me a picture of long ago … ”


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