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Diana Moriarty

Diana Moriarty, President

Diana Moriarty – Diana Moriarty is originally from England. She visited Hawai’i in 1970 and has lived here ever since. In 1971 she moved from Oahu to the Big Island and has resided and worked in North Kohala for the past 26 years. She attended nursing school in Hilo and is currently employed at Kohala Hospital as the quality manager, social worker designee and occasionally staff nurse. This experience in a community hospital serving as a safety healthcare net for the area prompted her to accept a position on the Hamakua-Kohala Health Board of Directors where she assumed board leadership for the patient services committee. She enjoys swimming, walking, gardening, and a new hobby, playing the recorder. She is dedicated to the support of community health centers and hospitals and the vital role they play in providing healthcare to the people of North Kohala and Hamakua.

Diane Ashley – Diane Ashley has been a resident of the Hamakua coast and a patient at Hamakua-Kohala Health Center since 2005. She is a teacher at Honokaa High and Intermediate and had also been teaching there since 2005. Her education includes BA, University of California at Santa Barbara, major Sociology, minor Spanish and MA, Boise State University, Curriculum & Instruction. During her time on the Big Island, she has also been involved with numerous community organizations, including Big Island Sailing Foundation, Kahilu Theater, Waimea Ocean Film Festival, Hawaii Performing Arts Festival, United Methodist Church, Lydia’s Closet and Sew Fun, and the Up-Link After School Program for the Intermediate School. Working with teens at HHIS has made me particularly aware of the need here for a quality rural health care center and since I have been a client of the health center which promotes health and wellness, I have been both impressed and pleased with the services that are offered right here in our small community. With this particular perspective of our rural community, I am deeply inspired to assist with the HKH Center’s contribution to maintaining our community’s health and wellness. Mahalo for giving me this opportunity to give back to our awesome community something that I strongly believe in.

Megan McCaffrey

Megan McCaffrey – After completing her undergraduate degree in Michigan, The medical field enticed her and ultimately funneled her toward social work, serving the people of Hawaii. Megan arrived on Oahu in the early 1970s starting her professional career as a counselor in a heroin treatment program. Megan attained her master’s degree in social work at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. North Hawaii Community Hospital hired Megan  in 2001. They benefited from her multiple layers of expertise for 11 years.Megan is retired. She has been filling in at North Hawaii Hospice as a social worker since April 2012. Megan is fine-tuning her definition of retirement and what that will really look like.

Sally Kimura – Sally Kimura is an attorney who has been in private practice in Hawai’i since 1991. She is a graduate of Hilo High School, the University of Hawaii, and Northwestern School of Law At Lewis and Clark College. Her prior service on the Board of Directors of North Hawaii Community Hospital and the Hawaii Preparatory Academy Parents Association impressed upon her that access to health care and education are the main components to achieving a healthy community. She hopes her participation on the Hamakua-Kohala Health Board of Directors will contribute toward making and sustaining our communities’ health.

Jeannette Soon-Ludes, PhD is an educational and nonprofit consultant, community organizer, public educator, and independent historian. She holds doctoral and master’s degrees in women’s and gender studies from the University of Maryland and a bachelor’s degree in political science from the University of North Carolina, Asheville. Raised in Kailua, Oahu, Jeannette now lives in Honoka’a and works in the overlap between equity and education with subject matter expertise in Native Hawaiian and Local identity formation. Dr. Soon-Ludes hopes that her background in gender studies will be a resource for improving support for the Native Hawaiian and Local LGBTQ+ communities in North Hawaii.


Fred Burian

Fred Burian – Born and raised in Michigan and drawn to Hawai’i by a warm climate and cultural diversity, Fred enrolled in the University of Hawaii and earned a Bachelors Degree in Chemistry and a Masters in Asian Philosophy.  In 1966 he joined the East-West Center (EWC), a US Government-funded think-tank in Honolulu, where he worked for 15 years as a researcher, focusing on cross-cultural information sharing across a range of scientific and technical fields. In 1980 Fred, his EWC Scholar wife and their kids moved to Bangkok, Thailand where he managed a regional United Nations population and family planning program, leading a team of 20 researchers, analysts, writers, editors, and IT specialists promoting, funding and evaluating family planning information programs in Asia and the Pacific. Fred retired from the United Nations in 1998 and is now active in the Honoka’a Senior Club, the Pa’auilo Mauka-Kalopa Community Association and the Hamakua Safety Council. He hopes his information management experience can be useful in supporting the health and wellness of the Hamakua-Kohala community.

Kenneth Kaneshiro – resides in Honoka’a and graduated from Honoka’a High School in 1960. He later graduated from Fresno State in California with a degree in Geology. Returning to Honoka’a, he started his career with the USDA – Soil Conservation Service as a Conservation Technician, (now known as the Natural Resources Conservation Service, NRCS). After working in the Honoka’a Field Office for a year or so, he transferred to Phoenix, Arizona, as the geologist on the Watershed Planning staff. After about five years, he came home to Hawai’i and served as the geologist on the Hawai’i Watershed Planning Staff. He stayed in Hawai’i for the rest of his career with the NRCS, taking positions as the Watershed Planning Staff Leader, Assistant State Conservationist and State Conservationist before retiring in 2003. Ken is quite involved in our community. Before joining the Hamakua-Kohala Health Center Board, he served on a County Commission on Public Access and the County Water Board, and is a member of the Hamakua Lions Club, the Hamakua Farm Bureau and Honoka’a Hongwanji.


Nidhi Chabora, APRN-Rx, BC, creating art is “worthy of prescription.”  After several years of spending her days working as a Nurse Practitioner in Hilo, Hawaii doing medication management paired with some supportive and motivational therapy, she noticed a persistent sense that there was a piece missing. “Clients who responded to medication came in feeling better with reduction of symptoms, but I felt something was missing in their presentation,” she remembers. “There was relief but very few signs of healing: such as high self esteem, solid sense of self, engaging in purposeful activity and enjoying meaningful relationships.”  Nidhi joined the Hamakua-Kohala Health Board of Directors in 2019.

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